The Effects of Aromatherapy Massage on Sleep Quality of Nurses on Monthly Rotating Night Shifts

So, if you’re in need of some pampering and want to feel like royalty, treat yourself to an aromatherapy full body massage. There can be contraindications or precautions that may prevent someone from receiving an aromatherapy full body massage. It’s important to consult with a trained professional to ensure the massage is safe and beneficial for your specific health conditions or concerns.

The essential oil was applied to the participants skin to improve sleep quality [19]. The participants removed all accessories and electronics and then relaxed and laid down at the aromatherapy room for 5 minutes with the same slow music as background. The following aromatherapy massage was processed by the same aromatherapist with IFPA (the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists) British international professional aromatherapist league license.

For natural relief of anxiety, some individuals turn to aromatherapy involving the use of lemongrass essential oil, an oil sourced from the lemongrass herb (Cymbopogon citratus). Inhaling the scent of the oil (or applying it to skin sparingly after combining it with a carrier oil) is thought to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety symptoms. Aromatherapy massage is beneficial for both physical and mental health. It can help reduce muscle tension and pain, improve circulation, reduce stress and anxiety, boost the immune system, and enhance mood. Additionally, it can help in the healing of minor wounds, relieve headaches, and reduce inflammation.

Emily has been gardening for over 20 years and has been involved in the herbalism community for just as long. She has a passion for lavender and has been growing and studying the plant for many years. It’s important to note that variations or adaptations of Swedish massage may exist depending on the therapist or the specific spa or wellness center. Some therapists may incorporate elements from other massage modalities or customize the massage to cater to individual preferences.

Lavender oil is one of the most famous essential oils and its sedative quality is often used for managing stress (1,6). Sweet marjoram oil and cypress oil are also known to reduce anxiety and fatigue (1). Table 2 shows an analysis report with the major chemical composition for the lots of essential oils used in this study. The aim of this systematic review study was to review the effects of aromatherapy on anxiety and pain during labor. The essential oils used in the included studies were geranium, frankincense, lavender, rose, chamomile, bitter orange, jasmine, sweet orange, mandarin, peppermint, and clove.

In the study from Matsumoto et al. [21], which shows positive effect of aromatherapy, the intervention was administered using a diffuser placed in the subject nostrils. The proximity of the source of aroma to the nasal mucous may have enhanced the interaction between the volatile compounds of the essential oil and the olfactory receptors. In addition, Matsumoto et al. [21] carried out 2 sessions of 10 minutes prior to the RCT study to make sure that the olfactory ability of the subjects had normal olfaction. The presence of a pretest and short distance between nostrils and aroma might be the reason behind the difference of efficacy observed in different studies involving inhalation aromatherapy. Both cotton impregnation and diffuser were effective methods to bring beneficial effect [49, 60, 61].

Lighter oils, such as jojoba or grapeseed oil, are ideal for massage as they absorb quickly and don’t leave a greasy residue. To find the perfect massage oil for your aromatherapy session, it’s important to consider your desired outcome and any allergies or sensitivities you may have. Different oils offer various benefits, so it’s crucial to choose one that aligns with your goals. As you move on to additional tips and considerations, remember that consistency is key when it comes to maintaining healthy skin.

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